CLEANLINESS & Dewatering - RunDry

Runtech's tailor-made solution, RunDry significantly improves dewatering, doctoring and cleaning processes enabling increased dryness after the press section. RunDry is a complete solution with the payback time typically under 1 year.

Maximizing sheet dryness and cleanliness from the wire section to the dryer brings measurable cost savings such as notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency and reduces the dryer section energy consumption. Optimized dewatering and cleaning technology can significantly reduce several production problems such as poor moisture profiles, dirt contamination, corrosion, time used for cleaning and poor permeability of the fabrics leading to reduced breaks and even reduce wet draws. Working environment will be safer and healthier.


RunDry – Efficient dewatering, doctoring and overall cleanliness optimization

The Main Benefits:

  • 1-3% increase in dryness after press section
  • Saves 4-10% of dryer section steam and/or increases the production considerably
  • Ensures efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention
  • Payback time less than one year

RunDry consist of:

  • Save-alls
  • Doctoring
  • Forming and dryer section cleaning systems
  • EcoFlow dewatering measurement system

Applications of rundry


Well-designed and built save-alls are essential to get the full benefits from increased dewatering and ensure efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention.

  • Specially designed for AirBlades and EcoFlow dewatering measurement systems
  • Reliable operation in all press and wire section positions and press section rebuild packages

Cleanliness and dewatering application


Blade holders

  • Easy maintenance and trouble-free operation
  • Specially designed for composite doctor beams but can also be used with conventional steel doctors
  • Applications for all sheet knock down positions, breast roll, press rolls, drying cylinders, calender rolls, reel and guide rolls

Carbon fibre doctor beams

  • Excellent doctoring performance
  • No corrosion
  • Easy maintenance and handling

Double doctors

  • Optimal doctoring for suction couch and press rolls
  • Maintenance friendly construction
  • Easy to clean, install and adjust


  • Increased nip dewatering
  • Help with roll cleanliness problems
  • Better moisture profiles
  • Composite construction
  • Applications for grooved rolls and suction rolls
  • Normally loaded like conventional blades

Forming and dryer section cleaning systems

For the forming section

EV MRS eliminates mist effectively and assists in wire cleaning

  • Impoved runnability
  • Reduced time for wire section cleaning
  • Reduced paper defects due to minimized dirt built-up
  • Improved working environment in the machine hall
  • Applications for top and bottom forming fabrics

For the dryer section

EV Cleaner is an economical and maintenance-free solution for dryer fabrics

  • Retained high permeability
  • Increased fabric life
  • Cost saving by more efficient drying
  • Reduced dirt contamination on rolls and cylinders

EV ReDoc is a continuous reconditioning system for cylinder and roll surfaces

  • Improved heat transfer to the web meaning reduced energy costs
  • Once cleaned surface stays clean for a very long time
  • Good moisture profiles, minor need to correct the profile with steam box or over-drying
  • Improved runnability and permeability of the fabrics


Dewatering Measurement

  • Optimizes dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections
  • Results in maximized sheet dryness after the press section, improved machine runnability and maximum energy efficiency
  • Minimizes start-up time of the new felts

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