Robox Evolution Compact Compressor Opened

Robox is an integrated package designed to convey gas at low pressure. It is based on the RBS lobe positive displacement rotary lobe blower, operated by an electric motor through belt drive, including all accessories and noise enclosure.

Globally, the Robox Lobe package means reliability, extreme sturdiness and compactness. We have taken this to a new level by improving the layout, reducing maintenance costs and increasing flexibility, to better meet the different plant requirements. 

  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar (g)
  • Vacuum up to 500 mbar (a)
  • Capacity up to 10,500 m³/h

Smart Oil System

One oil level (all models, only frame 1 excluded) to check from outside

  • Better reading reliability
  • Friendly package set up (only one oil filling) with consequent lower maintenance costs
  • Lower oil top-up times

New performance cooling fan

All maintenance is performed from the front with the removal of the front panel or panels and/or the opening of the upper panel. 

  • Better air circulation inside the noise enclosure 
  • Extended operating range capacity 
  • Greater reliability 
  • Easy connection by means of terminal board 
  • Better efficiency due to inner enclosure’s lower temperature  

Enhanced noise enclosure  

ROBOX LOBE features the ready-to-fit exclusive SENTINEL electronic monitoring system.

  • Restyled and painted noise enclosure
  • Improved noise level reduction 

Smart and compact design

Robox LOBE Compact Compressors

Robox Lobe machines can be placed side by side, thereby significantly reducing the space they require and therefore the dimensions of the blower room, thus also decreasing system costs.


Easy Maintenance

Robox Lobe allows maintenance operations to be carried out in an even easier and effortless manner.

Robox Lobe Compact Compressor Opened

Quiet Operation

The Robuschi blower package offers smooth operation by utilising cutting edge technology with a combination of innovative components

Robox Lobe packages are equipped with IE3 drive motors and premium efficiency on request. Star/Delta starters are also available.

  • Inverter duty motors for variable frequency driver (VFD) for wide turndown capability
  • Better efficiency belts with additional noise reduction

Peace of Mind

The Robox Lobe package is ready-to-fit the Sentinel electronic monitoring systems (Sentinel
2 and Sentinel PRO), which allow all relevant machine and process parameter control, granting
reliable and efficient blower system operation.