VECTRA GL/XL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

vectra xl

120 - 5300 CFM / 195 to 9,000 m³/h

The NASH Vectra was designed around a modular platform using the most advanced computer aided design techniques, such as 3D solid modeling and finite element analysis (FEA). The modular platform offers the advantage of two versions with numerous common parts.

The Vectra GL model, available from 120 to 830 CFM (200 to 1,500 m³/hr), is ideal for general industrial applications. It comes standard with internal mechanical seals and many Nash patented innovations including gas scavenging.

The Vectra XL model was designed to meet the stringent requirements of many CPI applications. Whether operating as a vacuum pump or compressor, it features a 30 PSI (2 bar) differential capability. It is available in ductile iron or 316L stainless steel with a variety of shaft sealing options. Sizes range from 120 to 5,300 CFM (200 to 9,000 m³/hr).

The NASH Vectra can be operated within a wide range of operating speeds, with numerous 50 and 60 HZ direct drive speeds. This increased turndown capability makes them ideal for varying load applications when driven by VFD's.

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