TC/TCM Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

tc 7 compressor

125-2100 CFM / 210 to 3,560 m³/h

NASH TC/TCM liquid ring vacuum pumps offer highly reliable and efficient solutions for power, chemical and petrochemical applications. Designed to handle large amounts of liquid carryover without difficulty, the NASH TC/TCM pump delivers reliable, long lasting performance under the most demanding applications.

The integral two-stage impeller is designed to reach vacuum  levels down to 0.8" HgA (20mmHgA). This is approximately 40% lower absolute pressure than a single stage pump. The small and compact design is easy to maintain, with both rotors encased in one body. Rotors blades are shrouded to improve strength and reliability. 

In chemical and petrochemical applications TC/TCM pumps condense process vapor and recover or dispose of them. 

In power generation NASH TC/TCM two stage pumps are the core of our condenser exhauster systems. The conical port design of the TC/TCM pumps works with a water cooled condenser to increase capacity and efficiency. Patent pending anti-cavitation technology is available in select models, and can double useful pump life in cavitation prone operations. 

Looking for NASH parts, service or repairs? The NASH TC/TCM pump model is available for quick shipment in most regions, and is a part of our Unit Exchange program for pump swap out. Contact NASH Certified Service for spare parts and pump availability and pricing. Learn more.

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