SC Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors 

sc 7 pump

100 - 3600 CFM / 170 to 6,100 m³/h

The NASH SC liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor is an upgrade to the original NASH CL pump and has been a reliable and flexible alternative for more than three decades.  The SC pump/compressor offers a  simpler installation, low maintenance operation, and reliable performance for many process applications.

SC pumps/compressors are found in applications including autoclaves, chucking, container filling, labeling and forming, cooking, deaerating, deodorizing food and fats, drying, evaporating, eviscerating, exhausting, extruder venting, fiber setting, filtering, forming, gas stripping, laboratory central vacuum systems, medical and dental vacuum draining, molding, pickup and conveying, priming, slot extraction, and solvent recovery.

Whether you have an existing SC pump running in your plant that is in need of service, repair, or replacement with a new or remanufactured duplicate SC pump, Gardner Denver Nash is there for all of the above. Gardner Denver Nash is the original designer and manufacturer of the SC pump/compressor and continues to offers all SC models.