ENER-JET™ Steam & Air Ejectors

3 Ejectors

NASH steam jet ejectors and systems have been an industry benchmark since 1979, and are recognized worldwide for delivering reliable performance and lower emissions. 

NASH ejectors have the ability to handle large volumes at very high vacuum levels, and can be optimized to contribute to process enhancements and operational efficiency. 

Through extensive R&D, NASH Ener-Jet Steam Ejectors feature design improvements that cut steam consumption by up to 15%*.

Additional efficiency benefits can come from pairing ejectors with liquid ring vacuum pumps to create the  NASH Ener-Jet Hybrid Vacuum System. Nash's global engineering team provides unparalleled expertise in the design and optimization of hybrid systems, and can recommend a custom configuration that will optimize efficiency and performance for your facility. 

NASH Ener-Jet Steam Jet Ejectors: 

Reduce steam consumption up to 15%*
Low capital investment
Rapid payback of less than 2 years 
Simple Operation
Reliable performance
NASH Factory Warranty
Global Customer Support

*compared to previous design