Air Ejector Hybrid Vacuum Systems


Air Jets Combine with Liquid Ring Pumps to Deliver Deep Vacuum when Steam is Not Available

NASH Air Ejector Hybrid systems combine the low maintenance technology of air jets with the proven reliability of liquid ring vacuum pumps to deliver deep vacuum for low flow applications where steam is not available or undesirable.

Our air ejectors operate on proven jet pump principles using atmospheric air as motive medium. Pressurized air or other non-condensable gases can also be used to make the system more efficient by using a smaller vacuum pump. Air has less energy than steam, so an air jet uses approximately 2.3 times more air than the equivalent steam jet's use of steam for same compression ratio. These systems are recommended when a liquid ring vacuum pump cannot achieve the vacuum level desired due to vapor pressure limitations.

NASH Air Ejectors have no moving parts, making them a low maintenance addition the liquid ring vacuum system. Our extensive expertise and large portfolio of liquid ring vacuum pumps allows us to optimize Air Ejector Hybrid Systems of all sizes to deliver the reliable and low maintenance operation you expect from Nash. 

Performance Map


  • Volume: 1000 CFM or lower
  • Vacuum: 10 to 50 torr


  • Low capacity, deep vacuum systems
  • Use when steam is not available or desirable
  • Economical
  • Low maintenance

How it works