2BV7 Monoblock Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

2BV7 Compressor

18 - 75 CFM / 30 to 127 m³/h

Innovative and economical monoblock pumps

The NASH 2BV7 pumps have been designed to provide superior performance for a wide array of applications. Available from 18 to 75 CFM (30 to 140 m³/hr), their high vacuum capability, extra water handling ability and compact size combine to make an ideal machine for industries like plastics manufacturing and medical technologies.

Combining quality construction with reliability

The simple construction and quality materials of the 2BV7 combine for an extremely reliable machine. Featuring a corrosion free compression chamber that includes a stainless steel body, shaft and port plate, these pumps provide excellent resistance to to corrosive and errosive media. Whats more, with the corrosion free materials, the one moving part (the rotor) is ensured to turn freely even after long periods of inactivity.

For worldwide use and available for quick delivery.

The 2BV7 is equipped with a very versatile motor that is ready to be installed nearly anywhere throughout the world. The motor includes wide voltage range capability, an IP55 enclosure and is suitable for 50/60 Hz service. It also comforms to international standards, including UL and CSA. Providing a motor designed for the global market ensures that the 2BV7 is available when you need it, whether here or abroad.

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