2BM1 Mag Drive Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

2BM1 compressor

Capacity to 877 cfm, Vacuum to 1" Hg abs, Compressor Pressure to 5.8 psig

The NASH 2BM Series of Mag Drive pumps & compressors provides reliable, leak free performance for applications requiring the highest levels of safety. Engineered and built above industry standards, the NASH 2BM series delivers proven NASH quality and reliability, with the low maintenance operation that industry demands.

Through a magnetic drive with static o-ring seals the 2BM1 achieves non-contact torque transmission, which allows for the hermetic seal. This key feature eliminates leaks while reducing maintenance. With non-contact torque there are less wearing parts, and no wearing shaft seals. The pump uses its own operating fluid for the lubrication and cooling of the bearings and magnetic coupling, eliminating the need for any additional liquid lubrication.

The NASH 2BM1 design is based on the original 2BV1, a proven industry workhorse with a history or reliable performance. By engineering the existing design to include a magnetic coupling we bring legendary performance and reliability to industries that require a higher level of safe, leak free performance.

The 2BM5 offers a large differential pressure capability, allowing the pump to covers a wide range of operating conditions and industrial applications. With reliable, dependable, leak free performance the 2BM1 is an ideal match for process applications including chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and the food industry.