2BG Liquid Ring Compressors

NASH 2BG Liquid Ring Compressor

Capacity 50 to 1,750 m3/h (30 to 1,000 cfm)

Some applications require vacuum and compressor applications in one process. Instead of handling the gas with two separate machines, NASH 2BG two stage liquid ring compressors can do the job with only one pump, reducing cost and simplifying installation. 

These compressors work reliably in batch and continuous processes from 300 mbar abs. to 6 bar(a). They can reach even higher discharge pressures when operating with a pressurized inlet.  NASH 2BG compressors are also the first choice for the compression of ozone.

Data Sheet

2bg performance liquidringcompressor nash


Suction Capacity: 30 to 1,000 cfm (50 to 1,750 m3/h)
Suction Pressure: 9 inHg, 15 psig (0.3 to 2 bar(a))
Discharge Pressure: to 170 psig, (13 bar(a))
Mechanical Seals: Single or Double with external flushing supply
Construction Materials: Stainless steel, other materials upon request