Oil-Free Screw Compressors

Introducing the revolutionary ULTIMA PureAir Compressors

ULTIMA oil-free screw compressors are built around a breakthrough technology – they should not be confused with other, run-of-the-mill rotary screw systems. The unique patented design offers revolutionary energy efficiency with savings of around 13% energy used versus traditional two-stage technology, while at the same time delivering the highest levels of productivity. That equates to roughly $9,100 (€8,000)  per annum based on average running hours and conditions.

ISO class 0, ULTIMA is guaranteed 100% oil and silicone-free for total peace of mind and unmatched air purity, and consumes 37% less floor space than traditional technology. Coupled with the fact that ULTIMA provides the ability for 10% more heat recovery, and you can begin to see why it’s leading the way for others to follow.

ULTIMA meets and exceeds the stringent and precise requirements for many industries that demand the highest standards of air purity – food & beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, biotech and laboratories to name but a few.

So how does it do it?

Two extremely efficient high-speed motors combine with two individual airends (low and high pressure) to drive each compression stage separately. Unlike conventional oil-free air compressors, the permanent magnetic motors work with the individual airends to control each compression stage, ensuring that as the machine slows down or speeds up and demand changes, efficiency is maintained. Delivery ratio is perfectly matched by the intelligent on-board controller which delivers maximum efficiency by individually controlling the speed of each stage.

The airends themselves are designed, precision engineered and manufactured in Germany incorporating a unique coating designed for lifelong protection and maximum compressor efficiency.

These compressors, with working pressures of between 58 and 145 psig (4 and 10 bar g), and drive motor power of between 100 and 215 Hp (75 and 160kW), utilise a closed loop water cooling system with separate cooling for both inter and after coolers – essentially providing the ultimate in cooling, at the same time delivering the optimum heat recovery. Air cooling is also an option on these units.

For customers needing an air compressor at point of use for their process and applications, ULTIMA is ideal. At just 69dB(A) for a 215 Hp (160kW) machine, with no expensive or complicated pipework needed, ULTIMA’s unique design makes it the perfect choice!

ULTIMA also ships with Gardner Denver’s groundbreaking IoT and Industry 4.0 iConn inside as standard. iConn delivers intelligent insights and real time monitoring to your fingertips – predictive and cognitive analytics and data to any device, any time, anywhere in the world – highlighting any cause for concern before it becomes a problem.

Plus, it goes without saying that as with the other Gardner Denver oil-free technologies, our total commitment to quality offers PureCARE warranty and service programmes as standard with genuine parts, to ensure an uninterrupted supply of compressed air and stress-free ownership.