Two Stage Air Compressors

Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors for Outstanding Reliability

Air purity that meets the most stringent hygienic standards plus outstanding reliability and operational safety in demanding applications are just some of the stand-out innovations delivered by the fixed and variable speed Gardner Denver EnviroAire T/TVS and the CompAir D Series, oil free two stage rotary screw air compressors.

These ISO 8573-1 Class 0 (2010) certified compressors are oil and silicone free for the ultimate in compressed air quality. Manufacturers in certain sectors such as chemicals, electronics, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals or other sensitive component producers, can no longer accept the risks associated with equipment or product contamination and are therefore turning to these advanced compressors to eliminate risks to their business.

With motor power of between 75 and 315kW available, delivering volume flow from 8.89 to 51.8m3/min at between 4 and 10 bar pressure range, the EnviroAire T/TVS and D Series compressors offer outstanding flexibility, whatever the application.

Using the latest online laser technology and CNC rotor grinding equipment, the screw compression element is designed and manufactured in-house and incorporates a superior hard “long life” coating to ensure stable performance, the highest reliability and lowest operating costs from the day the compressor is installed to the end of its useful life. German engineering excellence at its best.

Innovative and award-winning oil free design that never stops – continuously developing and evolving to achieve cutting edge performance and optimum efficiency. Near isothermal compression and high reliability are achieved by the high output two stage air ends operating and low speeds and therefore constant low temperatures.

IE3 electric motors (with the option to upgrade to IE4 motors) guarantee efficiency, reliability and operational safety and have in-built automatic lubrication. The air ends are cooled using “closed circuit water cooling” for consistent low operating temperatures that also deliver low pollution and mean that less gearboxes are required. The compressors also come with the option of air or water cooled variants to suit various applications in ambient temperatures of up to 45oC.

The range of compressors offer easy installation and servicing, with all connections on one side of the compact, small footprint units. Designed with a low number of parts, there are consequently less parts to service and longer service intervals. A separate compressed air inlet allows for external suction.

Innovative, multilingual touch screen controllers with high resolution displays are extremely user-friendly with all functions clearly laid out within a series of main menus. They deliver reliable operation and protect the compressor by continually monitoring operational and production parameters, also therefore delivering reduced running costs. Network pressure, motor speed (variable and regulated speed models only), on load hours, total running hours and average volume flow can all be precisely monitored and set, maximising installation efficiency.

These compressors also ship with Gardner Denver’s revolutionary IoT and Industry 4.0 smart “iConn” inside as standard. Proactive real-time monitoring and analytics at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need it – potential issues are highlighted before they become problems. 

Regulated or variable speed variants of these compressors, efficiently handle the varying demand for air found in the majority of applications, reducing the cost of ownership significantly. With energy costs the biggest part of compressor ownership and savings of up to 35% available, it makes sense to switch to air on demand.

As with all Gardner Denver compressor equipment, further value can be added with the addition of air purification and treatment products. From heat recovery and base load sequencing for cost savings and efficiency, to filters, separators, refrigerant and desiccant dryers for increased levels of air quality. Even nitrogen generation units are available as part of your compressed air installation, for on-site nitrogen gas generation.

Of course, all of this is backed by our PureCARE servicing and maintenance programme – six years extended warranty, free of charge.