Scroll Compressors

Contaminant Free, Risk Free and 100% Oil Free

Gardner Denver is setting new standards in compressed air quality with the S series of scroll compressors. These oil-free compressors meet ISO 8573-1 purity standards and are CLASS 0 compliant – meaning the air output by the S series is 100% oil and silicone contaminant free.

We developed the S series orbiting scroll compression system to be suitable for use within highly sensitive environments. The movement of the rotary spiral scroll within a fixed scroll housing creates a continual compressed air flow over multiple stages and without the need for oil lubrication. This makes S series units popular within a number of industries including; medical, lab/research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, semiconductor and electronics.

Both the Simplex and Duplex entries in the S series roster are available with a Deluxe HMI electronic controller. This multi-lingual digital controller features a 3.5” full-colour screen that offers powerful navigation tools and intuitive data displays to makes the S series easy to control and monitor. The Deluxe HMI controller also features an integrated web server, allowing you to monitor the S series Scroll compressed air system from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

The careful design and engineering of the S series has created a range of reliable products that offer incredible energy efficiency along with operating volumes as low as 64 dB(A). And, with power options ranging between 4kW and 15kW, the S series of air compressors offer the flexibility and guaranteed reliability to be suitable for a wide range of applications – no matter the conditions. Meaning you can utilise the system’s free range air delivery volumes between 21 and 106m3/hr with peace of mind.

S series S4 - S8 

The S series Simplex range provides drive power between 4 and 8kW while offering free air delivery of up to 53m3/hr at 8 bar and 41.3m3/hr at 10 bar. With its small footprint, low noise level and vibration dampening construction, the Simplex range provides an efficient and oil-free smaller scale compressed air service. The standard simplex relay panel can be upgraded to the multi-lingual and easy to use Deluxe HMI full-colour controller. This powerful control and monitoring system gives you access to a variety of tools including alarm and fault logs, pump discharge temperature monitoring and a system capacity and operation trending meter among many others.

S series S7D - S15D

The Duplex line with the S series range provides fair delivery of up to 106m3/hr when running in 8 bar mode or 92.6m3/hr in 10 bar mode, thanks to drive motor options that range in power between 7 and 15kW. Despite this increase in power over the Simplex models, the Duplex range maintains a low noise level – with maximum noise volumes reaching just 72db(A). The S7D, S11D and S15D systems offer high quality, oil-free compressed air services with unmatched reliability and efficiency. The Duplex line comes with the Deluxe HMI display as standard, allowing for unmatched system control and monitoring.