rotor assemblies

Rotor Assemblies

Hoffman & Lamson multistage centrifugal blowers are very durable, reliable and efficient machines. In the event of an unfortunate process upset or other unplanned event, having a spare centrifugal rotor assembly on site will minimize downtime and facilitate a quick repair time, ensuring that your process will be back up and running in short order.

Using our OEM parts, Hoffman & Lamson can supply a spare rotor assembly with an impeller configuration designed to match your existing aerodynamic performance.

Every rotor assembly includes:

  • New bearing journals
  • Proper sleeve clearances and fit
  • Proper impeller seal and fit
  • Machining to fit your existing drive coupling
  • Rotor designed to match your existing configuration of material and performance

About the Rotor Assembly

Two-dimensional shrouded cast aluminum impellers or fabricated impellers are individually balanced and keyed onto the shaft. The complete assembly is then balanced to achieve smooth operation with the lowest vibration levels in the industry. If your machine has a balance piston design, the piston is included as art of the rotor and is balanced with the complete rotating assembly.