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Flux Recovery
Vacuum Systems

Flux recovery systems remove unused flux, slag or fused particles from the work and separate the slag-free flux into a hopper for future use. Removing the flux dust results in cleaner welds, fewer rejects and increased production. Hoffman & Lamson flux recovery systems are available as pre-engineered systems or can be engineered to suit specific applications. All units vacuum at the weld site and remove unwanted materials. In one step, unused flux is separated from dust, particulate and slag to be re-used later.

Continuous Duty

We offer a variety of continuous duty flux recovery systems, designed to fit your needs.

Intermittent Duty

Known for years by the industry as "Redheads," today the 4000 Series is generally blue. The 4000 Series units can reclaim all unused flux, remove slag or fused particles and return clean flux to the hopper of the welder - all in one fast, continuous operation. 4000 Series universal motors are made for intermittent operation with a minimum of maintenance. They are designed with special inlets and rubber baffling to resist the abrasive nature of welding flux. Total separation precedes the vacuum producer. Just fill the tank with flux to the bottom of the slag screen. The welder flux hopper will fill at the same time. Additional flux can easily be introduced into the system without interrupting the weld, using a convenient fill tube built into the unit for this purpose.

Separator Tanks

To ensure efficient separation of reusable flux from slag and flux flour, many systems utilize a dual separator. The Primary Separator isolates slag and fused particles and enhances the removal of flux flour. It also acts as a collection hopper for unused flux. For the ultimate in separation efficiency for finer flux grades, a cyclone baffle on the separator cover creates a circular flow as flux enters. This air motion allows reusable fine flux to settle, insuring complete separation from flux flour.


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