Reciprocating, Oil Free Air Compressors

Every Detail Matters 

Building on over 150 years of experience and innovation, every Belliss & Morcom compressor is engineered from the ground up, to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, quality and performance.

Performance Summary

Air Quality: Oil-free VH Series Compressors
Cooling: Water
No. of Blocks: 19
Pressure: 5 - 90 barg - 73 - 1,305 psig
Flow: 274 - 3,167 m3/hr - 161 - 1,864 CFM

In today’s competitive world, every efficiency-gain and cost-saving matters; every deliverable matters; every second of every production run matters; and every cubic metre of compressed air matters. 

That’s why, as world leaders in compressor technology, every detail of equipment design, specification and manufacturing matters to us.

Why Our Expertise Matters

We understand what matters. That’s why our machines are built to offer you maximum efficiency, reliability and uptime.

Shaftless motors ensure 100% drive efficiency
Unique ‘W’ design gives an extra layer of efficient flow control

Market leading five year+ warranty scheme, with re-warrant option
Maximum motor service factor for maximum peace of mind
Water cooled motor protection ensures reliable running in the harshest of environments

Diagonal design reduces wear and tear on all components
Shaftless motor means absolutely no drive system maintenance

• A Range of additional features designed to offer operators enhanced levels of monitoring, control and cost savings

• A Considerably more compact footprint than competitor machines, saving you valuable floor space