Lubricated, Air & Gas Compressors

Perfect with Pressure 

For over 120 years, Reavell has been at the forefront of compressed air technology, supplying high pressure piston compressors for a range of industries and applications. Throughout our history we have offered solutions at every level of industry, including supplying air ends to OEMs, semi-complete packages to integrators, and complete turnkey packages to end users.

This unique position means we understand the market requirements at every level, and the challenges faced by package designers. That’s why all of our compressors can be delivered with extra or modified equipment to ensure they fit into your system as efficiently as possible. Our modules offer you the flexibility to develop a package unique to your brand, that delivers all the reliability of a premium machine.


Performance Summary

Air Quality: Lubricated H5437 Reavell gas compressor
Cooling: Air and Water
No. of Blocks: 18
Pressure: 2.5 - 414 barg 36 - 6,004 psig
Flow: 2.9 - 1,085 m3/hr 1.7 - 639 CFM

All of our compressors are designed and manufactured to the highest standard in our factory in the UK, and we never purchase third party compressor components or sub-assemblies. Because we design and specify every component to our exacting standards, we understand the thresholds of our machines, which is why we are confident our compressors can perform in extreme conditions, including explosive environments, sub-zero temperatures, and many other critical applications. You can be sure that with a Reavell compressor, we’ve got you covered.