Belliss & Morcom Provides Efficient and Reliable Turnkey Solutions to Leading Czech Beverage Manufacturer.

Veseta spol. s.r.o is a leading Czech manufacturer of high-quality non-alcoholic beverages for over 25 years. Headquartered in Kyšice, the company relies on factories located across the Czech Republic to produce a range of products such as spring waters, lemonades, syrup, ice teas, flavoured still waters, and juices.

The company relies on a range of Belliss & Morcom compressors in order to deliver the highest quality products to its customers. Efficiency and reliability are key for Veseta, helping them to maximize production while minimizing downtime and energy consumption, as well as reducing their carbon footprint. With a range of Belliss & Morcom oil free compressors already in operation across three of its factories, when Veseta required a reliable compressor to meet their process needs, they turned to our trusted, authorised distributor and service centre - Kompresory Vesely to provide a turnkey solution.

The Expert Advantage

Belliss & Morcom provided the company with a BM V10-2N highly efficient oil-free low pressure reciprocating compressor. Engineered for efficiency, the V10-2N provides energy savings of up to 10% with almost no decline in efficiency when compared to typical industrial screw compressors. Featuring Belliss & Morcom’s unique ‘V10’ design, the V10-2N runs each compression stage on its own cylinder; allowing the V10-2N to provide the 0-50%-100% capacity control required by Veseta. Combined with the compressors optimized capacity selection, the V10-2N also eliminated the need for a Variable Speed Drive (VSD), providing the company with further savings.

The V10-2N is built to deliver outstanding levels of reliability. Equipped with parts that are designed for ease of maintenance, and no air end to replace, the V10-2N is designed to streamline maintenance and service. Featuring a lifespan of up to 25 years without a major overhaul, combined with an 8,000 hour service interval, the V10-2N provides the lowest possible TCO, with cost savings of up to 33%.

Belliss&Morcom Compressor close up at PET bottles factory

The End Result

The Kompresory Vesely Team delivered a complete Belliss & Morcom turnkey solution, complete with stainless steel piping. Engineers also installed a connection between the new low pressure V10-2N unit and Veseta’s existing high pressure Belliss & Morcom VH21H3N 3 stage oil free compressors.

Using a reduction valve, the team ensured that the company would have an uninterrupted supply of low pressure air, even during maintenance intervals. The end result for Veseta is a complete turnkey solution that not only meets their performance, efficiency, and reliability requirements; but also provides the company with total peace of mind and lower total cost of ownership.

Belliss&Morcom compressor set up in PET Bottles factory