Ultima U75-U160 Oil-Free Air Compressor

Rotary Screw Oil-Free Compressor - Ultima Series

Two-Stage Variable Speed Rotary Screw 75-160 kW (100-200 HP)

What makes Ultima so unique - just about everything!

This next generation compressor utilizes high efficiency low and high pressure two-stage dry screw airends. Each airend is individually driven by a variable speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, and each motor operates at 97% efficiency. Due to its breakthrough water-cooled design, Ultima provides up to 70% turndown, delivers low off-load power consumption (8kW), has a 37% smaller footprint, maintains 63-69 dBA noise performance and offers maximum heat recovery.


Direct drive airends eliminate the gearbox and allow for a very compact design

  • Permanent magnet synchronous water-cooled motors operating at 97% efficiency
  • Water-cooled VFD's
  • Up to 70% turndown
  • Only 8kW off-load power consumption
  • Stainless steel coolers
  • 37% smaller footprint than competitive machines
  • 63-69 dBA noise performance
  • Zero loss condensate drains
  • EMC filter and line reactor standard
  • 98% heat recovery
  • No ducting requirement 
  • GD Pilot XTC™ 8" color touchscreen controller
  • iConn connectivity
  • 2 year package warranty / 5 year airend warranty


Your benefits at a glance

  • Guaranteed oil-free compressed air
  • High energy efficiency - potential to cut energy consumption by 13% or more
  • Three Ultima compressors can fit in the space required for two competitive compressors - easier installation into the existing compressor location
  • Quiet operation allows for installation flexibility
  • Maximum heat recovery lowers building HVAC requirements and makes excess heat available for other plant processes
  • Peace of mind with remote monitoring

Industry leading performance and efficiency

  • High efficiency motors and low off-load power = maximum energy savings
  • No gearbox = no costly gearbox losses or maintenance 
  • No ducting and small footprint = simple installation
  • Variable speed drive matches the compressor flow to the plant demand = reduced power consumption 
  • Energy savings of 13% and more are achieved with Ultima



Service and Warranty

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