Aeon Lubricant Product Line

PAO and Food Grade Ester Synthetic Blend

AEON 9000FG Air Compressor Oil

AEON 9000FG is a PAO (polyalphaolefin) and food grade ester synthetic blend that has been tested and field-proven to provide optimum operating and service-life results.


  • Extended service life of 8000 hours, reduces downtime and disposal costs
  • Food grade extended life lubricant
  • High flash point improves your safety margin
  • Superior thermal and oxidative stability enables AEON 9000FG lubricants to operate over a wide range of temperatures


  • AEON 9000FG lubricants have low volatility, exceptional rust and corrosion protection, and compatibility with mineral oils
  • Non-toxic and suitable for use in food processing facilities where NSFH1 certified products are required
  • Free oil analysis program