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Reward HR5-8 Low Pressure Reciprocating Compressors

PL-Series Reciprocating Compressor

Reciprocating Compressor 2.2-22 kW (3-30hp)

The PL-Series reciprocating compressor has been designed to operate in extreme duty applications. This pressure-lubricated industrial air compressor can operate up to 250 psig in remote locations, making it perfect for a variety of applications. This product features domed pistons, integral cylinder head, disc valves, and oil pump. The reciprocating compressor comes equip with a load-less auto stop/start feature, and can be tank or base mounted. All models are lubricated with AEON compressor oil. 


Key Features

  • Oil Pressure Gauge mounted on the front of the compressor for an excellent view and easy pressure monitoring
  • Tapered Roller Bearings insure long operating life of the crankshaft
  • Positive Displacement Oil Pump provides lubricant to all critical areas of the compressor pump that require lubrication
  • Crankshaft and connecting rod bearings are pressure lubricated for extended life
  • An external spin on oil filter and an internal oil inlet screen protect internal components from damaging debris
  • Hydraulic unloader with factory-set pilot valve provides easy, loadless start and low pressure protection for unattended operation
  • Industrial class bearings
  • Optional Equipment: Magnetic Starter, Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Aftercooler, Automatic Tank Drain (Pneumatic), Vibration Isolators, Low
  • Oil Level Monitor, Refrigerated Dryer, DPR (Microprocessed Duplex Programmable Relay) Control Panel, AEON™ Lubricant, Power
  • Monitor, Constant Speed Control, Dual Control to run either in start/stop or constant speed mode, NEMA 4 rated parts, Alternate Voltages and TEFC, ODPHE, TEFCHE Electric Motors
  • Up to 250 psig
  • 9.7 - 202 acfm at 175 psig on Electric Driven unit

  • Tank or Base Mounted, Simplex, Duplex and Engine Driven Model

  • Two-Stage pressure lubricated pump

  • Loadless auto stop/start

  • Pro-rated 5-year pump warranty and 1-year package warranty

  • Factory filled with AEON lubricant


Benefits at a glance….

  • OSHA Approved Belt Guard
  • ASME Code Air Receivers
  • Heavy-Duty Air Filters
  • Durable cast-iron construction



Service and Warranty

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The engineering philosophy of Gardner Denver ensures long-lasting, reliable equipment. Our simple, but bold warranty programs demonstrate our belief in the quality found in Gardner Denver compressors. 

Our standard 2-year warranty ensures that you have peace of mind when it comes to your system's operation. For added protection, take advantage of our 10-year extended airend warranty program. Simple stated, it's the best in the industry. 

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