GD-DV Blower

Solid Straight Tri-Lobe

It's all about the deep vacuum

The GD-DV series consists of 3 lobe rotary blower used as exhauster, without overheating thanks to a patented atmospheric air injection device. It can reach vacuum levels of up to 93% on a dead head - 28" Hg without the need to water inject or heat exchange. Another important advantage is the oil free operation.


  • Injection air cooled exhauster
  • Patented and unique air inlet design
  • Cool operating temperatures 
  • Low maintenance thanks to its robustness and heavy duty operation
  • Maximum vacuum 93% - 28" Hg on a dead head
  • Gases and vapors can be handled
  • Comes standard with feet and manifold


  • No water use
  • No oil mist
  • Operation at maximum vacuum without overheating
  • Vacuum level of up to 93% on a dead head without water inject or heat exchanger
  • Low noise emission 

Service and Warranty

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