IQ-RB IQ-HE Blower Package Left Side

Straight Tri-Lobe Blower Package (3 - 500 hp)

It's all about the simplicity

With the factory direct IQ-RB blower package, we keep it simple to save you money.  The IQ-RB's patented design provides simplified maintenance features and reduced noise levels.  These quiet, compact packages feature Gardner Denver's reliable RBS tri-lobe blower offering improved performance and efficiencies versus a bi-lobe blower.


Package Features

  • Fixed speed packages with inverter duty motors
  • Mechanical Gauges
  • Compact design with reduced dimensions
  • Patented tunable inlet filter/silencer 
  • Unique noise enclosure design with double sound insulation panels
  • Noise levels under 80 dBA with enclosure 
  • Automatic belt tensioning and simple belt replacement

Blower Features

  • Involute three-lobe rotor profile
  • Single piece cylinder
  • High strength, durable shaft
  • Dual splash lubrication
  • Piston Ring seals
  • Helical Timing Gears
  • Long Life, reinforced roller bearings
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting configurations available
  • Backed by local network of experienced and trusted sales and service professionals


Package Benefits

  • Ease of inspection
  • All maintenance operations are performed from the front with removal of panels
  • Oil changes can be performed with easily accessible fill and drain hose
  • Oil levels can be checked via gauges  with or without blower running
  • Minimized downtime and reduced maintenance costs
  • Side-by-Side package installation capability

Blower Benefits

  • Solid Tri-Lobe rotors offer quiet, efficient operation
  • Tri-lobe technology reduces flow pulsation
  • Robust design for reliability 
  • Flexible mounting options for easy drop-in replacement
  • Dual splash lubrication for reduced maintenance intervals and superior durability
  • 100,000 hour bearing life



Service and Warranty

Gardner Denver ... The Answer

You get total product support now and for years to come from our dedicated international team of professional distributors, our Master Distribution Center with its extensive genuine replacement parts inventory, our Remanufacturing Center, and our skilled, factory-trained technicians.

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