Customized Package Solutions

GARO Liquid Ring Compressor System for VRU

Every industry has unique challenges - and Garo is ready to solve them. Our customized package solutions offer complete systems designs, built around reliable GARO liquid ring technology. From packages for flare gas recovery to chlorine compression we custom design each solution for the challenges of demanding oil & gas and chemical applications.

GARO Customized Package Solutions comply with regional requirements, environmental regulations while reducing cost and minimizing downtime. Customers around the world rely on GARO custom packages and engineered solutions for safe and reliable operations.
  • Technology leader in flare gas, vapor recovery, VCM and chlorine compression systems
  • Experienced engineering & design
  • Full compliance to API, NACE, International standards and customer

Complete Customized Design

Every GARO System is a customized package solution, and meets the challenges of our customer by providing safe and reliable solutions for demanding oil & gas and chemical applications. Garo compressor systems maximize output and efficiency, while minimizing maintenance requirements and environmental pollution.

Available in a variety of materials, including Alloy 825, 254SMO, Inconell, Hastelloy C, Duplex, Super duplex, Garo customized packaged solutions offer complete systems that can stand up to the most corrosive and caustic gases

GARO customized package solutions offers systems that comply with regional requirements and project specifications to offer reliable and safe operations. Our systems meet API, NACE, Dep Shell and most other international standards.

System Working Principle

In a GARO liquid ring compressor system the process gas and the seal liquid enter the compressor through two separated paths and join in the cone conical distributor.

After the compression, the process gas and the seal liquid leave the compressor and both enter the separator tank.

In the separator tank, the seal liquid is separated from the process gas by gravity, and then pushed back to the compressor by means of the pressure differential that exists between the separator and the suction chambers of the compressor.

Before entering the compressor, the seal liquid flows through a cooler, which lowers the temperature of the liquid to its initial value.


GARO liquid ring compressor systems are ideal for the most demanding oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical applications including flare gas recovery, vapor recovery and compression of explosive and caustic gases.


Customers around the world rely on GARO custom package solutions for safe and reliable operations. GARO customized package solutions are operating in over 150 countries.