Compression of Coke Oven Gas

Wittig L & RVA series compressors are a new oil lubricated series from Wittig. These highly robust machines can withstand even the most adverse conditions and guarantee process reliability. They are a tried & tested solution in the field of coke oven gas compression.

A combination of unique design features and engineering refinement delivers real advantages for customers – including reduced energy consumption, increased uptime, lower total cost, and the sheer reliability of air delivery, when the pressure is on.

extraction and compression of Coke oven gas from refinery

Wittig L-GK and RVA G

Wittig L-GK gas compressors for the compression of coke oven gas are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 100 with a capacity from 119 to 540 m³/hr and with operating pressures from 1.5 to 3.5 bar (abs).

These oil-lubricated compressors are air cooled, driven by a built-in electrical motor with V-belt drive. The compressor is cooled by a separate cooling air blower in the acoustic hood.

With a small footprint and designed for long-life with minimal maintenance, these compressors are suitable for handling dirty gases such as bio, landfill and sewage gases. The compact unit can be installed without the need for a foundation, with components mounted on a main frame with rubber-metal bonded elements to reduce vibrations. The electrical control panel is wired to terminal boxes.
The RVA G series is also oil-lubricated, with direct drive and a capacity from 505 to 5,262 m³/hr.

Its operating pressure is from 1.5 to 3.5 bar (abs) and they are water-cooled. The heat generated during operation is removed by cooling water, which flows through the compressor housing from the bottom to the top. Suitable for compressing purified gas, it provides outstanding operating reliability with a dynamic oil film between vanes and the inner wall of the compressor housing as well as low rpm and self-centering rotor.

Rotary Vane Gas Compressors - RO G_s
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Features & Benefits

  • High volumetric efficiency allows low speed of only 1480 rpm
  • 2 bearings – no axial forces
  • Very low heat loss
  • Low energy consumption
  • Perfect lubrication with oil film between vanes and housing (no wear)
  • Pulsation free compression
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • High durability
  • Up to 100,000 operating hours without overhaul
  • Compression of Coke Oven and Blast Furnace Gas, Synthesis Gases