Whether it’s the compact and powerful 125 HP Black Diamond or the 325 HP Phoenix or the 600 HP Convertible Waterblasting Unit, Gardner Denver can package it. With decades of experience in packaging waterblasting units, we have come to anticipate the needs of customers from any market requiring waterblasting equipment. Gardner Denver has seen every configuration waterblasting unit, from demanding offshore environments to caustic environmentally challenging requirements including the petrochemical sector.

Our units can be used for hydrostatic testing, concrete demolition, air-preheater cleaning, runway cleaning, vessel cleaning, and paint overspray removal. Our bareshaft pumps are rugged triplex positive displacement pumps integrated with filters, discharge plumbing, a power unit and drive train to become the Gardner Denver High Pressure Waterblasting unit. Options will include whether it will be electric driven or diesel driven or whether the unit will be skid mounted or trailer mounted. Trailer mounted units can be fabricated in so that no CDL required. Standard units would be belt driven and if required a direct drive can be used to drive the pump with optional transmission or PTO clutch. Call one of Gardner Denver Waterblasting Unit sales people to get a quote on your waterblasting unit today.