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Whether pumping cement downhole to seal casing into place or sealing a lost circulation zone, cementing is critical in ensuring wellbore integrity. Primary cementing is performed on every new well in order to protect underground water tables from contamination and to protect the steel casing from corrosion or collapse. Other oilwell cementing applications include setting kick-off plugs and plug and abandonment.


In any oilfield cementing application, the cement must be carefully formulated to meet the needs of the wellbore, and the pumps must get the job done before the cement sets. Considering the length and complexity of today’s wells, reliable pumping systems are critical to a cementing application’s success.


Gardner Denver’s comprehensive line-up of cement pumps and associated centrifugal charge pumps provide reliable performance in any cementing application. Backed by 24/7 customer service, a Parts on Demand program and unmatched service and repair support, Gardner Denver’s lineup of cementing pumps are built to get you through the toughest jobs.