Process Gas Compression & Processing

Wittig are the first choice for coke oven and process gas processing industries - where reliability and efficiency are critical requirements. For many decades, Wittig have and continue to design and manufacture an impressive range of high performance, long-lasting and reliable vacuum pumps and compressors, for both gas and air applications.

Wittig process gas compressors are suitable for a range or diverse gases including:

  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Toxic gases
  • Syngas

Wittig process gas compressors for a diverse range of gases

Industry Leading Record for Safety & Reliability

The compression of butadiene, hydrogen, and highly toxic or flammable gases is safe and reliable using Wittig gas compressors. We manufacture customer specific customised gas compression systems for the process gas industry. Designed specifically for the chosen task in mind, we call upon our long and extensive experience to meet customer requirements for a diverse range of applications. 

The production of steel in blast furnaces results in a considerable amount of by-product gas (blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, basic oxygen furnace gas, etc.) that can be used as fuel to produce power or steam. These gases can then be recovered, filtered, and burned in adapted gas turbines so that a considerable amount of the energy used for the blast furnace blower can be recovered to generate electrical power. Wittig compressors have long been a safe and reliable part of this process.

Features & Benefits

  • Process Gas Applications

  • Flame gas recovery (FGR) 

  • Compression of coke oven and blast furnace gas

  • Hydrogen compression

  • Compression of toxic and flammable gases 

  • Compression of syngases 

  • Transportation and circulation