TriContinent’s High-Precision Robotic Liquid Handling Products

TriContinent’s line of robotic liquid handling products are the most precise in the industry. Our TriTon XYZ liquid handling robot has the highest motion resolution and the finest degree of liquid level detection. Our Z-series pumps, designed to work with XYZ liquid handling robots, can aspirate and dispense volumes from sub-microliter to 5000uL – precision beyond even the finest handheld pipettes.

Liquid Handling (XYZ) Robots

The TriTon Liquid Handling (XYZ) Robot is the quietest, smoothest, most reliable and economical OEM XYZ module available for robotic liquid handling. Capabilities include, but are not limited to, cap piercing, tube stripping, precision liquid-level detection (LLD), and the highest (XYZ) robotic motion resolution in the industry. You can choose one of our standardized configurations or specify your exact requirements for the liquid handling (XYZ) robot that will fit your application.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • Rigid Y-arm which eliminates need for space consuming gantry, providing expanded user access and improved septum (cap) piercing
  • Cap piercing force capability of over 10 lb
  • Full quadrature encoders provide high resolution error detection and "crash recovery" options
  • Long life flex cables on all axes eliminate need to replace cables

Some Optional Features Include:

  • Single or dual Y-arm options
  • Electronics from fully loaded electronics/firmware to direct electro-mechanical interface CCU for Tecan® RSP Emulation
  • Additional devices (e.g., Syringe Pumps) can be added that communicate over two RS-485 busses Scalability of all axes
  • Fully adjustable liquid level detection with high degree of sensitivity (no need for unreliable isolation blocks or coax cables)
  • Tube stripper mechanism for cap piercing applications

Z-Series Syringe Pump

TriContinent Z-Series Pumps are electronic air displacement pipetting modules designed for use with liquid handling (XYZ) robots. The compact and lightweight unit simplifies system design by eliminating tubing and priming requirements normally associated with remote positive-displacement pump. Sample transfers or reagent aliquoting can be done accurately and precisely using the TriContinent disposable tips, eliminating cross contamination and carryover.

The simple mechanical interface makes it easy to integrate with any liquid handling (XYZ) robotic systems. Developers can use their own drivers or they can be matched with the M-Series motion controllers to provide a complete package. Custom volumes and mounting configurations are also available on an OEM basis.