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Our range of electric vehicle, rail and bus compressors are manufactured by Gardner Denver Transport, market-leaders in compressed air solutions. We have worked closely with some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers to implement top-of-class compressed air packages for electric vehicles, rail and bus applications.

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We understand that transit vehicle operators have high expectations and demand only the best performance from their fleet – whether they’re transporting cargo or passengers. With hybrid-electric (HEVs) and full-electric (FEVs) becoming increasingly common, alternative technologies have simply become outdated and do not meet the requirements of the sector. It is no longer acceptable for a transit air compressor to be heavy, noisy or rely too heavily on bulky cooling systems.


Electric Bus Compressor for Air Braking Systems

Design. Develop. Deliver.

Gardner Denver Transport’s lifecycle approach to supporting our customers through every stage of our partnership, is a testament to the inherent desire our brands’ demonstrate in delivering engineering excellence across a wide range of consistently high quality, highly reliable, energy efficient solutions that achieve cutting edge performance for exacting commercial requirements. 

Our capability and willingness to customise our standard electric vehicle, rail and bus compressors to suit the precise requirements that our customers demand is a vital element of how we conduct business. Whether it’s the unit’s quiet operation, pulsation-free air, or a specific footprint size, our team of transit experts are always ready to provide the ideal solution to your application.


Compact Design

The innovative and compact design of our rail and bus compressors combines new technologies, intelligent design and direct drive principles to create a compressed air solution that is light, energy efficient and far quieter than similar conventional compressors. 

Gardner Denver compressed air solutions offer the lowest ratio of weight to compressed air along with a 20% smaller footprint and package options weighing as little as 40 kg. This makes them ideal for transit system integration where space is limited.

TX02 Coach and Bus Compressors

Reliable & Quiet

The direct drive design of both our TA02 and TX02 transit compressor packages provides high-quality air with a final oil content of less than 3 PPM and running noise as low as 65 dBA. Meaning that our transit compressors can be fitted inside a passenger transport vehicle without the need for additional acoustic shields.. 

Our transit air systems offer an operational life-span up to 100,000+ hours. This has been achieved through a modern direct drive construction that requires no metal-on-metal contact during the air compression process. Each component in our air systems are built to last and offer the lowest available life-cycle cost. This combines to reduce the total cost of ownership.


Global Expertise

Gardner Denver Transport is a leader in electric vehicle, rail and bus compressor technology, providing support across the globe. With a network of Gardner Denver companies and authorised service centres our customers can be assumed of local support and service.


Our Coach, Rail & Bus Compressors

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