Twin D9000 installation fitted on a MB Actros MP 4 truck

Vulkatec, one of the market leading specialist provider of roof top lawns, has for 20 years relied upon Gardner Denver for their specific compressor solutions for their transport fleet. The Vulkatec tankers carry substrates that have to be discharged in an environmentally friendly manner in urban areas. This means that the compressor equipment supplied by Gardner Denver must operate quietly and discharge quickly.

This arduous application means that the compressors can, in extreme circumstances be operating for several hours. Vulkatec has again turned to Gardner Denver for their latest vehicle installations and incorporated the dual D9000 compressor system. Their decision has been based upon the many years of proven reliability and performance of the D9000 combined with the complete aftermarket support that Gardner Denver offers them.

These latest Mercedes Benz vehicles are now compliant with Euro 6 legislation for emissions and this has meant that there is no longer sufficient room to install two D9000 compressors on one side of the vehicle. Using our wealth of engineering experience Gardner Denver were able to overcome this difficulty by fitting one unit to each side of the vehicle together with a self-contained tipping system for raising the tanker trailer.

This compressor installation was designed in partnership with Vulkatec and we are pleased to confirm that they are delighted with the installation, which allows them to continue install their roof systems in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.