Gardner Denver China - XK18

In China as with many other parts of the world one of the first consideration’s when buying a truck is the un-laden weight! Lighter trucks are often are more expensive to buy however powder tank hauliers will still buy the lighter truck to gain maximum carrying capacity and thus increase their carrying capacity. This logic also applies to the method of discharging the tanker and the type of compressor that is now preferred.

Chinese powder tanks have traditionally been assembled with an old fashioned Wing compressor driven by large capacity diesel engines mounted to the front of the tanker. The higher weight and additional maintenance of this installation is not ideal.
Due to the physical size and weight of the Wing compressor it is not possible to drive it using a PTO on the tractor unit. The engine driven Wing compressor installation weighs up to 1200 kg when installed to the tanker.

Gardner Denver team in Shanghai has over the last year spent a lot of time in the market place with their sales partners and OEM’s promoting the hugely successful XK range of compressors. These efforts have been rewarded with the sale of a large quantity of XK 12 and 18 machines for many dry bulk applications. The machine’s compact design allows it to be mounted inside a chassis and driven via a PTO from the truck gearbox.

As the XK18 bare machine weighs just 128kg it means the customer can carry an extra 1000kg of product therefore saving money and increasing his revenue and profitability.

It is anticipated that the XK range of Compressors will continue to be supplied in ever increasing numbers in 2016.