Micro Pumps for Air and Vacuum Applications

Thomas Offers a Variety of Highly Efficient Micro and Miniature Pumps in Diaphragm and Rotary Vane Technologies for All Market and OEM Needs

Thomas is a leading manufacturer of micro pumps for a variety of industries and applications. Our unique portfolio of micro pump consist of units as small a coin or a paper clip. All of Thomas micro pumps are designed as oil-free modular platforms, and regardless of the technology provide high efficiency and sealed air flow capability.

We provide micro pumps and compressors for pressure and vacuum manufactured in diaphragm and rotary vane technologies. Thomas micro diaphragm pumps are characterized by their operational water vapor tolerance and outstanding chemical compatibility.

The micro rotary vane pumps generate great vacuum at consistent flow rates with minimal vibration and pulsation. Thomas engineers designed the pumps to achieve an excellent size to performance ratio and give you full control over the pump operation. 



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Thomas Small Pumps Characteristics

We provide both AC and DC motors with variants, ranging from low-cost DC up to brushless DC, to provide efficient and quiet drives for our pumps. Our Our micro air and vacuum pumps can work in a series or parallel configuration, thus enabling our customers to replace multiple competitive pumps with one Thomas pump unit in portable or smaller OEM devices.

For the deepest vacuum select Thomas diaphragm micro vacuum pumps pumps that provide a flow rate ranging from 0.010 cfm (300 ml/min) to 0.58 cfm (16.5 l/min), and vacuum levels of up to 99% of the local barometer maximum, which translates to 1 mbar abs (29.2 in.Hg).

For stable flow, we recommend micro rotary vane air pumps. They provide a flow rate range starting at 0.010 cfm (1.6 l/min) and stretches to 0.7 cfm (21 l/min), with vacuum levels up to 830 mbar abs (24.5 in.Hg).

Your Trusted Partner for OEM Micro Pumps

As a leading small pump manufacturer, we provide a level of customization that is second to none on the market with an extensive variety of small pumps consisting of 20 pump series.

Our state-of-the-art engineering guarantees a sealed air path and proven reliability. We utilize a selection of high-quality materials for the pump components based on a chemical resistance to the media being transferred. Our customers can choose from a variety of materials for pump elements, depending on the model selected.

Combined with the various platform configurations that we offer, a pump can be selected from over 100,000 unit variations.