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Runtech Systems supplies a vacuum system rebuild to Pehlivanoglu Kagit, Turkey 

Runtech Systems will supply a vacuum system rebuild to Pehlivanoglu Kagit in Turkey. The delivery includes an EP600 Turbo Blower with ABB frequency converter and EcoDrop water separator. RunEco vacuum system is also equipped with EcoFlow dewatering measurement system with nine measuring points. 

“Adjustability is one the key benefits of RunEco vacuum system. With EcoFlow, the operators can see on-line what is going on with the dewatering positions; flat boxes, couch save all, felt uhle boxes, press save-alls, for example, and adjust the vacuum on the needed level. Improved energy and water efficiency of the EP Turbo Blower result in a short payback time,” says Mario Battiston, Sales Manager, Runtech Systems.

About RunEco vacuum system

EP Turbo Blowers are variable speed and variable capacity blowers that are economical to own and operate. Installation can be performed during a normal machine shutdown or even with the machine still running to avoid unnecessary production losses. EcoFlow dewatering measurement system optimizes dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections. This results in maximized sheet dryness after the press section, improved machine runnability and maximum energy efficiency, while providing papermakers with accurate real-time feedback about the dewatering performance along the paper machine.

About Pehlivanoglu Kagit

Pehlivanoglu, established in 1988, produces annually 110,000 tons of recycled linerboard and fluting with basis weights ranging from 80 to 200 gsm on its integrated production facility at Cerkezkoy Organized Industrial Zone. Pehlivanoglu Packaging produces single layer, double layer and three layer corrugated boards with (B), (C), (E), (F) flute combinations. 

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