Anchored in tradition, the HOFFMAN & LAMSON Engineered Vacuum System line-up continues a century-long commitment to providing customers with innovative design, a comprehensive product line, quality manufacturing, and ongoing advances in efficiency and sustainability.

No other company has the capability, reputation, and dedicated engineering expertise to deliver the most advanced and dependable products available today such as our Flux Recovery and Self Contained Vacuum Systems.

Our Engineered Vacuum Systems are designed to be the ideal solutions for any Housekeeping, Pneumatic Conveying, Product Reclamation, and Hazardous Dust Control Operations.

Vacuum System Solutions:

  • Pre-Engineered and Custom Designed Systems
  • Stationary and Portable Systems
  • Primary and Secondary Separators
  • Controls for Monitoring and Efficiency
  • Accessories: Filters, Explosion Proof Upgrades, Hoses, Tools, and More