Nitrogen boosting for laser cutting

On-site nitrogen production is the intelligent choice across industry. Our piston technology ensures maximum efficiency, making Reavell the perfect partner for your nitrogen systems.

High pressure nitrogen boosting compressors for laser cutting.

Laser cutting nitrogen boosting high pressure air compressors


Efficient Nitrogen Boosting

Reavell has been a pioneer in compressed air technology for over 100 years. Renowned for our expertise in compressing air, inert, and explosive gas; our range of high pressure nitrogen boosting compressors combine maximum efficiency with extreme reliability – delivering both performance and peace of mind.

Featuring our revolutionary piston technology, our compact solutions offer maximum output with minimum size and weight, and virtually no gas loss. Combined our industry leading expertise and specialist support, Reavell is the perfect partner for your nitrogen boosting systems.

Give your on-site nitrogen generation the competitive edge with Reavell.


Maximum Efficiency

Reavell’s revolutionary piston technology ensures minimum blow-by and oil carryover across both high and low pressure stages. The end result is maximum efficiency and reliability with minimal nitrogen loss, helping you and protecting your bottom line. 


Industry Leading Expertise

Our range of nitrogen boosting compressors are designed and manufactured in the UK, providing maximum quality. Each compressor is ATEX certified, with 3.1 material certificates on pressure retaining parts, and the ability to operate in ambient temperatures below 0oC. This ensures performance and reliability in even the most demanding environments.


Specialist Support

At Reavell, we understand that each operation is unique, that is why our range of compressors can be customized to meet the specific needs of your on-site nitrogen production system. Supported by our global team of experts, rang of service kits, and our bespoke training packages; Reavell’s compressors are the perfect complement to your on-site nitrogen boosting operations.



Reavell 5209N2B2 Nitrogen Booster
Reavell 5209N2B2 Nitrogen Booster

Nitrogen Boosting Applications

Reavell’s nitrogen boosting packages are designed to deliver high performance, maximum efficiency, and extreme reliability in a range of demanding environments. Whether at sea, on land, or underground, our nitrogen boosting compressors are tailored to meet the unique demands of a range of applications, including:

  • Laser cutting
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Tyre filling
  • Cylinder filling
  • High pressure injection moulding
  • Autoclaves




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