Gieffe Wet Systems ACV Liquid Ring Vacuum
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AM - AC - ACV Liquid Ring Vacuum Units

Liquid ring vacuum units can be equipped with partial or total service fluid recovery system. Available ATEX certification.

  • Capacity up to 4,000 m³/hr
  • Vacuum up to 33 mbar (abs)


Liquid ring vacuum units with total fluid recirculation for almost all gases and vapors thanks to tubular or plate exchangers.

  • Simple and modular construction
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Wide range of material
  • Available with full instrumenttaion for control, management and fully automated operation
  • Available with a wired and skid-mounted electrical control panel
  • ATEX certification.

Gieffe Systems Wet


Liquid ring vacuum units with partial fluid recirculation supplied with liquid/gas separator tank fitted directly on the pump discharge nozzle or next to the pump.

  • They can be supplied with two stage or single stange pumps with variable internal port
  • Separator tank and piping system are made of stainless steel
  • Available ATEX certification.

AM - AC - ACV - Liquid Ring Vacuum Units


The liquid ring vacuum units with total fluid recirculation are provided with a suction condenser as well as a solvent recovery system and a post-consender for the condensation of residual gas. If required, it is possible to include all connecting pipes with flanged valves and joints, measuring and control instruments, including thermometer, vacuum gauge and pressure gauge. The entire system is mounted on a single, steel base.

  • Completely closed system, no contact between cooling and sealing liquid, preventing contatmination of cooling liquid 
  • All vapors and gases are condensed and recycled in the process 
  • Use of a single cooling liquid for both condensers or two different liquids with different characteristics 
  • Thermal insulation of system components if working at low or high temperatures 
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Available in a range of sizes to best meet production requirements
  • Sturdily built to ensure safe operation
  • Energy saving thanks to reduced cycle times and use of condensers 
  • Easy to operate with low maintenance requirements
  • Safe operation 
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Available ATEX certification.

Gieffe Wet Systems ACV Liquid Ring Vacuum


  • Air or steam-jet ejectors with by pass line and pressure equalization line
  • PD blower


They are usually installed in

  • chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage, plastics and rubber industries
  • for drying, degasing, distillation, extrusion, evaporation processes