Swivel Joints for Loading Arms

They are key articulations for transporting liquids or gases between two pieces of equipment and are an important element of loading arms. These elements are used where easy handling, safety and low-wear characteristics are required.

Emco Wheaton’s range of swivel joints provide easy handling and maximize operational safety. Our offer is designed for a range of medium, heavy, and specialist applications. They are capable of handling a variety of gasses, fluids, and food products.

Each swivel joint is engineered to provide the mobility and adaptability of a hose reel, without compromising reliability. Precision hardened and ground ball tracks are integrated into each swivel joint, allowing for full mobility and reach. Multiple swivel joints can also be combined to provide a full 360o rotation across all planes.

Our swivel joints are available in a range of high quality materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and other exotic materials. Product specific seals are fitted to each joint, ensuring maximum safety, durability and corrosion resistant.

Each swivel joint combines the mobility and adaptability of a hose reel with the safety and reliability of a solid piping system. Precision hardened and ground ball tracks are integrated into each swivel joint, allowing for full mobility and reach, without compromising safety. Robust construction using high-quality materials ensures maximum durability. Product specific seals are utilized to further increase both utility and longevity.

Tailored for Any Application

We offer a range of swivel joints for medium, heavy, and specialist applications. Whether you are transferring liquids, gasses, or hazardous chemicals; Emco Wheaton has a swivel joint to meet your unique needs. It includes a wide range of industries: chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, etc.


The D2000 swivel joint is engineered to optimize a wide range of fluid handling applications. Featuring an innovative sandwich design, the D2000 combines a high load capacity with leak-proof characteristics to maximize operational integrity. The compact dimensions and variety of materials on offer provide the flexibility to tailor the D2000 to be used in a wide range of applications.

D2000 PTFE

The D2000 PTFE swivel joint is designed for heavy duty and specialist applications. Building on the standard swivel joint, the D2000 PTFE features a carbon steel construction with PTFE lining making it ideal for handling extremely aggressive products. The swivel ball tracks are sealed with two O-rings to prevent dirt or product from seeping in. A leak detection port provides a clear indication in case of a seal breach or failure.


Emco Wheaton’s D0002 is a heavy duty single track swivel joint that is ideal for most applications. Featuring a hardened and polished ball track and stainless steel plated seal surfaces; the D0002 guarantees precision and extends service life, even under extreme loads. Available in carbon and low temperature steel, the D0002 swivel has an operation temperature of 25 bar, and –60 °C to +250 °C.


The D1133 provides a compact, low-weight solution for nearly all chemical transfer applications. Building on the features of the D0002, the D1113 adds sealed ball tracks to prevent dirt or product from breach the ball bearings. With a full stainless steel construction, the D1133 is ideal for handling aggressive media.


The D1010 swivel joint is made of a special aluminium alloy. It is not supplied with hardened ball tracks due to material characteristics, therefore it is only suitable for normal loads. Aluminium swivel joints have no especially plate seal faces due to the chosen alloy.