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Bottom Transfer Loading Arm

Bottom transfer arms are especially designed to load products where for applications where a vehicle cannot be accurately spotted. They are also especially designed to load mineral oil or chemical products and is suitable for the bottom loading/unloading of road or rail tankers. They are suitable for the bottom loading/unloading of road or rail tankers with flange connection or coupling.

For connection pipes with high weight, the loading arm can be designed with a special 6 D2000 swivel configuration with parallel bar and gas spring for balancing the weight of the connection pipe. Because of the robust and high quality design of the swivel joints and the precise loading arm balancing, handling of the loading arm is effortless.

Easy to adjust, super smooth action spring cylinder balance and heavy duty capacity swivel joints enable these arms to reach further without the need for additional support. The spring cylinder balance has up to 50 deg of vertical movement for easy to handle alignment and out of the way parking.

A variety of seal configurations and elastomers ensure long life performance for each specific application.

Not recommended for multiple arm crossover. See E2573 and E2304.

Suggested applications & mediums: Road & Rail Bottom Loading & Unloading.  Oil, Chemical Products