ENOC and EMCO Wheaton Success Story

Proof Of Concept: Driving the Growth of E-mobility for Fuel Distribution in Large Urban Areas

ENOC Link is a cutting-edge digital fuel delivery service launched in 2019. It’s a subsidiary of the larger ENOC Group and a key part of the NEXT accelerator programme, established to meet the increasing demand for innovative fuel supply solutions across the UAE.


ENOC Link operates large road tankers that can be used as mobile service stations, carrying up to 30,000 litres of petrol and diesel so motorists can fill up their vehicles without having to travel to a station or loading facility. The company also has a B2B solution for businesses that need to refill their fleet while working in remote locations.


Innovation and sustainability are key features of the NEXT accelerator programme. In line with this, ENOC Link has developed another smaller duty electric truck, which first exhibited at Expo 2020 in Dubai. The bottom loading system for this new truck was supplied by EMCO Wheaton via Capital Manufacturing Dubai (CMC), an OEM with a growing reputation in the Middle East for road tanker builds of this kind.

While able to be used for consumer sales, the electric truck is mainly targeted at businesses requiring fuel in inner-city locations. Construction firms, for example, could use the vehicle to deliver diesel for generators at different building sites. However, it has also been used for other logistics purposes, such as eCommerce deliveries in Europe, showcasing its value as a quiet, low-carbon approach to inner-city distribution and fulfilment.


The EMCO Wheaton bottom loading system was not modified prior to installation and was essentially an ‘off the shelf’ package for this project. However, as Antony Lawrence, Territory Sales Manager and lead on this project points out, this reflects the trust CMC has in EMCO Wheaton to deliver a solution for new or developing methods of transport: “We have worked with CMC on several different projects, including the larger tanker delivery service operated by ENOC Link, so management knew our specification would be effective when fitted on the end customer’s new model. It’s a standard solution for a tanker with two compartments, though our team provided consultancy throughout the build to ensure range and payloads would be maximised”.

EMCO Wheaton’s aftermarket team were also engaged once the work was completed to ensure no further adjustments were necessary. Arguably the most important point to come out of this work is the proof of concept. “Inner-city distribution is a growing market, particularly in cities like Dubai, but there’s plenty of opportunity for this kind of solution to scale quickly,” adds Lawrence. “Until recently, it was not possible to deliver large quantities of fuel using electric vehicles, but that’s now changing thanks to collaboration between companies like CMC and EMCO Wheaton. It's not hard to imagine this type of vehicle also being used for other important services, like emergency response in disaster zones where infrastructure is lacking or has been damaged.


The vehicle can cover 150 kms on a three-hour fast charge – a huge step forward when compared to just a decade earlier.” The project also provides a good example of how EMCO Wheaton is helping to redefine what’s possible within the e-Mobility market. Lawrence concludes: “The bottom loading system fitted on ENOC Link’s new fleet is capable of unloading future fuels, paving the way for a low- or even zero-carbon fuel delivery service in the near future. If the concept works with petrol or diesel, then it’s also capable of handling greener products as the transfer process is essentially unchanged. This is exciting as accessibility is seen as one of the key challenges for expanding the use of hydrogen-derived e-fuels across different industries.”


Client Quote

CMC has worked closely with EMCO Wheaton on a number of important projects and our team is very familiar with the company’s tank truck equipment. ENOC Link needed an effective, off-the-shelf refuelling solution, as this would keep costs down and avoid the need for expensive modifications to the vehicle’s design. EMCO Wheaton’s product was the obvious answer to this challenge. This has been the simplest project in terms of collaboration, but it nevertheless shows the value of suppliers you can trust. The final product is an exciting step forward for e-Mobility and will help to drive further improvements on the next generation of electric tankers.”


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