FME Series Mist Eliminator Air Compressor Filter
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FME Series

Mist Eliminators

Gardner Denver FME Series Mist Eliminators are used to reduce energy costs and remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems. They also protect products and processes from contamination, increase the life of pneumatic equipment, help eliminate paint appearance and adhesion problems, and keep pneumatic instruments operating. 

  • 125 - 3000 SCFM
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 150°F
  • Low pressure drop, saving energy
  • Long life mist eliminator element - Standard
  • Automatic Condensate Drain - Optional 

  • Auditor's choice to reduce energy costs
  • Protects products and processes from contamination
  • Captures and retains large slugs of oil and water, should drain trap fail
  • Protects downstream equipment from contamination should oil separator on roatary screw compressor fail
  • Heavy duty ASME stanmped pressure vessel
  • Floor stand is standard
  • Optional differential pressure gauge with reed switch available