Customized High Output Lab Automation Solutions

We are your best partner in customized laboratory automation, complementary software and consumables.

Zinsser Analytic Support Your Fight with COVID-19 Pandemic

Zinsser Analytics is at work as usual. We have stocked Lab instruments and various solutions for Lab Automation that are critical in diagnostic and prevention applications. We are unaffected by the COVID-19 outbreak and are here to provide fast delivery of your orders.

Apart from lab equipment and solutions, Zinsser Analytics provides a broad product catalogue of lab consumables. Among others, Qualydrops®Dropper Bottles  are ideal for the storage and packaging of low volumes of reagents. We have a wide range of different volumes and colours available to be shipped from our warehouses.

Other handy products are Polyvials® sample containers. They help in recognizing the appropriate samples and reducing the possibility of errors.