Selecting the right product for your application is critical for running an efficient operation. Our experienced Gardner Denver Transport team members are located around the globe to ensure that you receive the best possible support and advice on our extensive range of automotive equipment. Performance, installation criteria, cost of ownership and total life cycle approach are at the forefront of our engineer’s minds when designing and manufacturing our products and their approach is backed up by over 100 years of reliable service to our customers.  

All of the above contribute to our ability to be well placed and reliable when selecting the right equipment for your application, wherever you’re located. We offer solutions in the following applications:




Our extensive range of blowers and compressors are designed to discharge your materials at prime rates in the fastest way possible. For powders, granules or irregulars, our bulk machines are designed specifically to be suited to your applications.


Dry Bulk Applications 


Dry Bulk Vacuum Applications


Liquid Transfer Compressors Automotive

Our tank-truck equipment collects or delivers your liquids from road tankers at the fastest rates. Utilising a broad range of technologies, we manufacture blowers, compressors, vacuum pumps and cargo pumps to complete all your tasks in the shortest time, consuming the least amount of fuel.


Liquid Transfer Applications 




For the unloading of liquefied gases, we have developed two drive systems to drive the product pump on the tank trailer, with hydraulic or electric drive versions. Our gas transfer products are manufactured with safety, performance and reliability in mind.


Liquid Gas Applications 

Liquid Nitrogen Vehicle Transfer Applications

highway vehicles on board power compressor

We offer a range of on board power compressor, alternator, and hydraulic systems that are suitable for vans, chassis cabs, and trucks weighing from 3.5 to 32 tonne. Our power systems are the most efficient solution to providing compressed air and electrical power for on-site application.


Highway & Utility Applications 




Gardner Denver’s electric vehicle compressors are perfectly matched for electrified drive systems. The business applies an in-depth knowledge of pneumatic technology and an understanding of customer needs to deliver commercial packages of the highest quality.


E-Mobility Applications 

electric vehicle compressor

Automotive Hydraulics Applications

Innovative mobile drive and control systems can give you the most cost-efficient use of the equipment and limited space available on your vehicles. Our ability to design and build the complete hydraulics of a vehicle is also at the disposal of our customers.


Hydraulic Applications