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Robuschi Blowers are now sold by Hoffman & Lamson and Gardner Denver in North America

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To provide you with the best products and services, Robuschi positive displacement blowers are now sold under Hoffman & Lamson and Gardner Denver in North America. 

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HOFFMAN DEFENDER PD Lobe and Screw Blower Packages


The HOFFMAN DEFENDER™ series of PD Lobe and Screw blowers for municipal wastewater saves between 15% and 30% on energy consumption when compared to other technologies, and is configured to optimize performance for your specific process requirements.  


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Robuschi Parts & Service

We provide a range of blower parts and servicing options using genuine spare parts for a wide range of our machines. Our blower parts and servicing ensures our customers' machines are well maintained to guarantee optimum performance throughout their lifetime.  


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