Self Priming Centrifugal Pump Max Flow 94 GPM Max Pressure 34.6 PSI
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Centrifugal Pump - 750B

This close coupled style bronze self-priming centrifugal pump is equipped with high quality ball bearings permanently filled with grease for maintenance free operation. The main shaft seal is a mechanical face type seal of proven reliability. Unlike positive displacement pumps centrifugal pumps have larger internal clearances as the pressure is generated by centrifugal force and high liquid velocity. These pumps can handle impurities in the liquid and the flow in the discharge line may be throttled or shut off without the need for a relief valve.

This pump must be operated with the shaft in a horizontal position as shown in the picture. Before initial start-up, the pump must be filled with liquid through the priming plug opening on top of the pump body. It will be self-priming thereafter, even without a foot valve in the suction line. However, a foot valve is always recommended to insure immediate liquid flow at startup.