Two Stage Natural Gas Compressor - HGT17 with Bell Housing and Versatrol
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HGT17 and HGT24 Series Industrial Gas Compressors

LeROI provides rotary screw compressors for gas to the oil and natural gas, and industrial and process industries. Two-stage rotary screw natural gas compressors are very cost-effective for handling high volumes of gas in field gathering, vapor recovery, and a wide range of other applications and delivering gas at high pressures.

The work is divided between two-stages and reduces the forces on rotating elements such as bearings. Low maintenance and high reliability are inherent with rotary screws when compressing natural gas because they have few moving parts. There are no valves, rings or packings to wear out or cause loss of efficiency. The two-stage LeROI screw compressor line offers the same capacity and power modulation features as the single-stage screw gas air compressors. Versatrol is an available option providing the end user with maximum flexibility.

Smooth operation results from no unbalanced forces and no pressure pulsation. No foundation is required. There are no piping vibrations from pressure pulsation. Direct coupled natural gas engine or electric motor drives are equally acceptable with the HGT17 and the HGT24 rotary screw. LeROI Rotary Screw Gas Compressors are available in 12 single-stage models covering a flow range of 20 (0.4 M3/min) to 15,000 MSCFD (300 M3/min) and horsepower from 10 (7.46 KW) to 800 (596.8 KW), and four two-stage models covering a flow of 1,000 MSCFD (19.62 M3/min) to 13,000 MSCFD (260 M3/min) and horsepower from 400 (298.28 KW) to 600 (447.42 KW).

Two-stage operation from 250 PSIG (17.2 BARG) to 500 PSIG (34.5 BARG) maximum is possible with the HGT17 and HGT24 Series oil-flooded compressors. Compressor packages are therefore simple, reliable and inexpensive. The gas differential pressure provides oil circulation for proper lubrication. Optional oil pumps are available for applications requiring specific oil regulation. All iron or steel construction with no copper or copper alloys makes these compressors compatible with natural gas, sweet or sour.

  • Brake HP
    • HGT17 400 Max. (298.4 KW)
    • HGT24 600 Max. (447.6 KW)
  • Flow Range (MSCFD)
    • HGT17 2,500 Max. (50 M3/min)
    • HGT24 5,000 Max. (100 M3/min)
  • Inlet Pressure
    • 20" HG Vac. Min.* (508 mm/Hg)
    • 20 PSIG Max. (1.38 BARG)
  • Discharge Pressure
    • 20* (1.38 BARG)-500 PSIG (34.5 BARG) MAWP
  • Speed Range
    • HGT17
      • 750 RPM Min.
      • 3,600 RPM Max.
    • HGT24
      • 500 RPM Min.
      • 3,600 RPM Max.

*Consult Factory for use with low vacuum inlet or discharge pressures.

  • Model HGT17 and HGT24
  • Rotor Dia.
    • HGT17 175 mm (6.89 inches) first stage
    • 127.5 mm (5.02 inches) second stage
    • HGT24 245 mm (9.65 inches) first stage
    • 175 mm (6.89 inches) second stage
  • Rotor L/D 1.65
  • Rotor Description:
    • Each Stage: Twin Screw SRM Profile with Sealing Strips, 4 Lobe Male, 6 Lobe Female
  • Shaft Seal(s) – Mechanical*
  • Drive System:
    • Internal Helical Speed Increasing Gears (AGMA 11)
      • HGT17 1.759-3.100 Gear Ratios available
      • HGT24 1.143-2.000 Gear Ratios available
    • Rotation - Facing Shaft - CW Drive Shaft
      • HGT17 2-1/2” Dia. with 5/8” Square Key
      • HGT24 2 7/8” Dia. With 3/4 Square Key
  • Materials:
    • Rotors – Ductile Iron 65-45-12
    • Castings – Ductile Iron 65-45-12/Cast Iron G3000
    • Bearings – Roller bearings on the inlet end and tapered roller bearings on the discharge end – alloy steel races, rolling elements and cages.
  • Weight:
    • HGT17 2,000 Lbs. (906 KG)
    • HGT24 3,800 Lbs. (1,721 KG)
  • Versatrol Internal Bypass Valves: Versatrol internal bypass valves are available for efficient capacity control from 100-50% of design flow. Control can be manual with four steps or stepless with a microprocessor. Control system is not included.
  • Fixed VI: H(High), L(Low)
  • Oil Pump: Integral oil pumps are available for low-pressure differential applications.
  • SAE # 1 Flywheel Housing
  • Gas Gathering
  • Well Head Gas Compression
  • Fuel Gas Boosting
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Inert Gas Boosting
  • Landfill Gas