Centrifugal Blower Remanufacturing And Repair

Centrifugal Blower Parts, Service & Remanufacturing

Restore performance and efficiency, maintain reliability, and lower total cost of ownership with OEM quality parts, factory-trained technicians, and over a century of engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise that you can only get from HOFFMAN & LAMSON.

Centrifugal Blowers Available For Remanufacturing & Repair

Remanufactured Blowers

We offer a wide range of remanufactured bowers and exhausters available for shipment. HOFFMAN & LAMSON Certified remanufactured blowers are built to the same exacting standards as new blowers and are thoroughly tested, and backed by the same certified warranty as a new blower. 

HOFFMAN & LAMSON CERTIFIED Remanufactured Blowers Offer:

  • Guaranteed performance - backed by our 1- year factory warranty 
  • HOFFMAN & LAMSON CERTIFIED parts - new bearings and seals 
  • Factory mechanical run test
  • Reduced downtime
  • Blower acquisition
  • New rotor assembly, housings, bearings, and seals

As an OEM we have the original specifications, technical competence, and over 100 years of sales and service experience.  We are the only entity that can offer a true factory warranty.  

HOFFMAN & LAMSON Re-manufactured Blowers

Re-Rate Program

Changes to processes and procedures happen all the time. The operational processes and requirements of today may not be the same as those processes and requirements in the future. What does this mean for your existing HOFFMAN & LAMSON equipment? The blower that is built to exact specifications for certain applications today may require modifications in the future. We use your existing CF blower and modify it to compliment the changes required by distinct applications and/or operating conditions. 

Benefits Include: 

  • Cost savings to "re-rate" vs. new equipment
  • Power savings by performing unit re-rates 
  • Efficiency gains 
  • Enhanced operational performance

Global Network Of Service & Distribution Centers

Located where and when you need them, our global network of HOFFMAN & LAMSON CERTIFIED™ Service & Distribution Centers provide factory-trained technicians and OEM parts for expert-level repairs that restore performance and return your HOFFMAN & LAMSON equipment to service as quickly as possible. 

Our extensive network of HOFFMAN & LAMSON CERTIFIED Service Centers and regionally located Field Service Technicians provide turnkey services for installation, start-up, preventative maintenance, repairs, rebuilds, and troubleshooting of your centrifugal blowers & systems. Our team of skilled, experienced technicians are factory-trained and work with current OEM drawings and authentic OEM parts to repair your blower to original factory specifications.

Superior Quality

Our Pricing is Competitive. Our Performance is Guaranteed.

Our HOFFMAN & LAMSON CERTIFIED guarantee ensures like-new performance on all remanufactured blowers and includes a factory warranty on all parts, workmanship, upgrades, and repairs. 

For the quality, reliability, and performance you expect and your operation demands, you need HOFFMAN & LAMSON.

Downloads For Centrifugal Blower Remanufacturing & Repair

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