Hydrogen Reciprocating Compressors

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High Pressure Reciprocating Compressors
For Hydrogen Applications

Ingersoll Rand has a range of oil free and lubricated reciprocating hydrogen compressors which we are constantly developing and upgrading to meet the highest industry requirements. Leveraging our key reciprocating brands and technologies, Reavell, Ingersoll Rand, and Belliss & Morcom, we have solutions across the hydrogen value chain.


Oil Lubricated Compressors

The Reavell range of air and water cooled lubricated compressors have supported alternator cooling, tube trailer filling and industrial cylinder filling for many years. Our continuous development ensures they are still market leading solutions today.


Belliss Products




Over 120 years of expertise in supplying the most reliable compressors on the market allowed the Reavell team of expert engineers to design systems that can be tailor-made according to your requirements, ensuring optimum performance and cost-effectiveness

Not only are Reavell compressors reliable, but our engineers have also ensured that when preventative maintenance is required it can be carried out easily and quickly without putting a strain on your budget. Whether it’s single tool high pressure valve replacement or replaceable cooler stacks, our compressors can be maintained according to schedule, ensuring a longer service life.

Offering a flexible, reliable, and maintainable source of compressed hydrogen, Reavell compressors are already being used by a number of industry-leading companies.


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Oil Free Compressors


Meanwhile, we are leveraging our oil-free Ingersoll Rand and Belliss & Morcom compressors to support applications such as chemical processes, grid balancing, large scale storage and the mobility market.

Reavell Products




Building on over 150 years of experience and innovation, every Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressor is engineered from the ground up to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, quality, and performance. We’re leveraging this technology with our hydrogen expertise to develop a range of market-leading oil-free hydrogen reciprocating compressors specifically designed for the hydrogen market.

In the mission to minimize hydrogen costs, our compressors use features such as zero-loss drive systems, efficient flow control systems and direct drive water-cooled motors to minimize energy costs.

Our efficient flow control systems ensure our compressors can react to varying flow rate demands without introducing large efficiency losses, meaning integration with green hydrogen systems can be achieved without significant losses.

Belliss & Morcom has been a premium compressor manufacturer since 1852. Our continuing commitment to outstanding build quality and dependability is demonstrated by our 1,000’s of machines providing mission-critical air & gas in the field today, many with well over 100,000 run hours. We're constantly working on leveraging the characteristics that Belliss & Morcom compressors are known for to new applications such as hydrogen compression. 


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