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EnviroAire VS 15-110 Oil-Less Compressors

Rotary Screw Oilless Compressors - EnviroAire VS 15-110

Oil-less rotary screw technology 15-110kW (20-147hp)

Why Oil-Less? Contaminant Free… Risk Free

  • Continued need for processes where absolutely no oil can be present.
  • Growing need for alternative options due to increasing costs associated with lubricated compressors. 
  • Increase in environmentally conscious organizations demanding oil less air.

When you choose an oil-less EnviroAire VS Series compressor from Gardner Denver, you get a clean reliable and efficient air supply that benefits both your business and your bottom line!

Air purity is critical for many applications where even the smallest drop of oil can cause product spoilage or damage production equipment.

For this reason, the EnviroAire VS Series compressors from Gardner Denver contain absolutely no oil anywhere in the compressor and have been certified ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) and silicone free, making it the ultimate choice with simply no risk of oil contamination.


The ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified EnviroAire VS compressors from Gardner Denver offer the following benefits:  

  • 100% silicone-free, guaranteed
  • Specifically designed for use in pure-air critical applications such as the automotive industry
  • Avoids contamination and provides the highest air quality standards • Independently tested and certified

Gardner Denver EnviroAire Series: A Superior Choice

The EnviroAire's unique water-injected, variable speed design achieves lower speeds combined with lower operating temperatures -resulting in high efficiency and reduced component wear. Water injected into the compression element provides lubrication, sealing and cooling. The superior cooling properties of water allow the compressor to operate at a low temperature providing near isothermal compression, low power consumption and class leading efficiency levels. A reverse osmosis membrane cartridge filters the injection water entering the compressor; as a result the water is always maintained at a high purity level.



Oil-Less Construction

  • High efficiency IP55 TEFC motor ensures superior performance in the most rugged conditions 
  • Fully packaged and silenced enclosure reduces noise and simplifies installation 
  • Proven variable speed technology reduces energy costs and saves you money
  • Comprehensive controller ensures safe and reliable operation 
  • Stainless steel separator vessel effectively separates air/water mixture from the compression element 
  • Design eliminates the need for a gearbox, which means no need for oil lubrication and zero chance of contamination



Service and Warranty

Experience Peace of Mind with our Warranty

The engineering philosophy of Gardner Denver ensures long-lasting, reliable equipment. Our simple, but bold warranty programs demonstrate our belief in the quality found in Gardner Denver compressors. 

Our standard 2-year warranty ensures that you have peace of mind when it comes to your system's operation. For added protection, take advantage of our 10-year extended airend warranty program. Simple stated, it's the best in the industry. 

Service Local and Factory-Trained

Gardner Denver... the Answer

You get total product support now and for years to come from our dedicated international team of professional distributors, our Master Distribution Center with its extensive genuine replacement parts inventory, our Remanufacturing Center, and our skilled, factory-trained technicians.

  • Great Compressor Warranties
  • Dedicated, Authorized, Factory-Trained Compressor Distributors
  • Genuine Compressor Replacement Parts
  • 24-hour compressor service support

For more information, or if you need help locating a compressor sales or service professional in your area, use the Find a Distributor under the How Can We Help on the right side of the page.