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Aeon Lubricant Product Line

AEON 9000SP Air Compressor Oil

8000 hour protection synthetic protection

The AEON 9000SP is a food grade extended life lubricant that is ideal for applications that require extended operating intervals. The PAO (polyalphaolefin)/MFSE (multi-functional synthetic ester) blend is formulated with high grade additive components. Formulated for demulsibility and optimum viscosity over the compressors entire operating temperature range, this air compressor oil keeps your system running smoothly.


  • Extended service life of 8000 hours, reduces downtime and disposal costs
  • Food grade extended life lubricant
  • High flash point improves your safety margin
  • Superior thermal and oxidative stability enables AEON 9000FG lubricants to operate over a wide range of temperatures


Benefits at a glance

  • High flash point improves your safety margin
  • Non-hazardous, disposable with mineral-based compressor lubricants
  • Unique additive package designed specifically to maximize compressor efficiency and provide optimum lubricity
  • A proven track record of superior service-life in the most rugged operating environments